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Margareth Gonzalez

Margareth Gonzalez

Founder, Capital Variation
United Kingdom

Capital Variation was founded by Margareth González a business entrepreneur born in Colombia and raised between Latin America, US and Europe with a rich background and expertise in B2B service companies from the USA, marketing and hospitality management in Spain, cooperate network companies in the UK, The Middle East, Switzerland, Germany and Latin America.

Margareth speaks English, German and Spanish, with over ten years of education and working experience internationally she developed management, communication, and negotiation skills allowing her to understand and analyse challenges that entrepreneurs and asset managers face daily in the search of developing solid relationships globally.

With strong sales and marketing background on industries such as telecommunications, real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, private equity, and technology, she is passionate about traveling, learning and identifying new investment opportunities while creating valuable and meaningful relationships with family offices, institutions, funds and corporations to support sustainable finances worldwide.