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Katie Whipp

Katie Whipp

Head of Innovation and Strategy, Trestek

Katie's career has spanned the global real estate space for 15 years, most recently at CBRE and Cluttons, where she led their pioneering CRM programmes and digital transformation initiatives, working with some of the largest landlords and investors in the market. In early 2021, Katie moved from CBRE to leading ESG PropTech company Deepki, where she established their UK and Ireland business. She took the UK arm from ground zero to being deployed in more than 5,000 assets, seeing the business achieve year on year outperformance, alongside a variety of global business expansion responsibilities. 


Katie's combined passion for technology, ESG and real estate, saw her join Trustek's leadership team in April 2023, making her an excellent addition to their business, client base and in turn, their clients’ customers. Katie seeks to ensure that not only are the right technology investments being made (aka solving the real problem) for real estate, but those who invest are equipped to realise the potential for not only themselves, but their full stakeholder ecosystem, resulting in practical, long-lasting solutions.