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John William Olsen

John William Olsen

Director of Global Equities, Fund Manager, M&G Investments
John William Olsen, a Danish national, is fund manager for the M&G Positive Impact Fund which launched in November 2018. He is also fund manager of the M&G Global Select Fund and M&G Pan European Select Fund which he has managed since July 2014 and has been deputy manager of the M&G Pan European Select Smaller Companies Fund since July 2016. John William joined M&G in 2014 from Danske Capital, where from 2002 he had managed non-domestic equity portfolios, including the Global Stock Picking and Global Select equity funds, and also the European Select strategy. He joined Danske Capital in 1998 as a fund manager on the domestic Danish equities team, and in 2000 also became a global sector analyst focusing on technology and telecommunications stocks. John William gained a BA in business economics and then an MSc in finance and accounting from Copenhagen Business School.