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Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox

Founder, Betternotstop
United Kingdom

Hannah Cox is the founder of Betternotstop and the Better Business Network is a proud B Leader and B Lab Ambassador. Betternotstop is a sustainable impact agency that exists to help businesses increase their impact and income. They look at how sustainability metrics can increase company profits, improve brand loyalty and employee retention as well as differentiate them from the competition. They help them implement sustainable strategies, policies and frameworks like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, B Corp Certification and Carbon Literacy. She believes every business has the ability and responsibility to make the world better. The Better Business Network prevents entrepreneurs of purpose-driven businesses from failing due to burnout and overwhelm. It's a safe space for collaboration and community for changemakers to create systematic change.  For 2022 her aim is to contribute over £150k to good causes through her business. She is working with 1% For The Planet and Ecologi to support this initiative.