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Felicity McLean

Felicity McLean

Associate Director of Sustainability, WPP

Felicity ‘Flick’ McLean has spent the last 15 years working at the intersection of sustainability, communications and social innovation.

In her role as Associate Director of Sustainability Partnerships and Engagement at WPP, she’s on a mission to harness the transformative power of creativity for an inclusive, netzero society by engaging the group’s 100,000+ creative minds, clients and partners. Since joining a year ago, Flick has co-created the WPP Green Claims Guide – a tool for the agency group to support clients in making effective Green Claims that are credible, creative and actionable.

Prior to working in the advertising industry, Flick developed sustainability positioning, strategy and activations for leading brands and businesses as a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Salterbaxter, and has designed, launched and led over 11 global innovation challenges in her role as Director of Partnership Design at Ashoka - the world’s leading network of systems changing social entrepreneurs.