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David Wright

David Wright

Chief Engineer - Electricity & Gas, National Grid
David is responsible for driving safety and engineering excellence across the National Grid group. His remit covers all technologies, including electricity, gas, hydrogen and carbon capture, and extends across all group operations in both the UK and US. He is an expert in safety and resilience, providing strategic oversight to National Grid’s engineering activities and capabilities, including assurance to the Board. David is also the company’s engineering ambassador, responsible for growing our engineering credentials at the heart of the energy transition. He advises governments and other key stakeholders, helping to solve the engineering challenges brought about by the transition to net zero. David joined National Grid in 1992 as an electrical engineer. He has occupied senior management positions on both gas and electricity networks in the UK and US, including leading National Grid’s electricity transmission business in the UK for many years, and has also led our Gas Transmission operations, as well as teams in both the gas and electricity control centres. Before joining National Grid, David worked for VSEL (now BAE Systems) – the only submarine builder in the UK – designing electrical generation and distribution systems for warships. He’s a Fellow of both the Royal Academy of Engineering and IET, a dual-accredited Chartered Engineer with both the IET and IGEM, and a member of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) and a Major in the Staff Corps. David was born in Wales and lives in Northamptonshire. He has two daughters and is passionate about rugby.