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David Macdonald

David Macdonald

Chartered Financial Planner and Founder, Path Financial

David set up Path after a period of deep self-reflection about our destruction of the environment. Shocked by the unprecedented climate and ecological emergency and the disastrous path towards extinction we face, he realised that a huge impact to be made by revolutionising the investment model so that savings are solely invested for good. He left a well-known firm of financial advisers and founded Path in 2019 to forge this new, radical path forward to fight the climate crisis. He is also passionate about giving back to people and the planet via Path’s charitable foundation.

David’s true inspiration in life has come from watching fearless innovators and disruptors – his biggest hero is Nelson Mandela; and his greatest business inspiration came from his friend and mentor Mike Wilson who set up St. James’s Place and demonstrated with humour, humility and kindness how to take an idea and build a huge business.