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David Dixon

David Dixon

Freelance Educational Consultant and Author

Dr David Dixon was a full-time primary teacher for 15 years before becoming a headteacher for two decades. In that time, he promoted the twin causes of environmental education and sustainability, which formed the central ethos of his schools. David is now a freelance education consultant, specialising in curriculum and leadership and helping individual schools to link sustainability with school improvement more generally. This year he published the book ‘Leadership for Sustainability: Saving the Planet One School At A Time’ (see  ). In this book, David sets out how school leaders can embed tried and tested eco-friendly practices within the school setting that can also be central to overall school improvement, including that recognised by inspectors. He also gives guidance around the ‘Five Cs of Sustainability’ - captaincy, curriculum, campus, community, and connections - to position sustainability as a natural vehicle for developing a type of fully integrated learning ecology and culture.