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Betta Maggio

Betta Maggio

Founder and CEO, U-Earth
Elisabetta (Betta) Maggio is Founder and CEO of U-Earth Biotechnologies. Having graduated from Architecture and Industrial Design Studies in Milan and with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit, Betta has launched businesses in a variety of fields including marketing, fashion and design, but it is her latest venture, U-Earth, which stands out. Via air purifying bioreactors, the company uses the power of nature to clean the atmosphere of environmental pollution, and also launched the first biotech face mask, U-Mask, during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an independent entrepreneur, Betta has received the Gammadonna Award in 2017 and featured in The Telegraph's 100 Top Tech Entrepreneurs 2020. As well as this, U-Earth has received several awards including the Borsa Italiana Award 2019, the ENI Award for Innovation and the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission. An optimistic, energetic, passionate and resilient visionary, with a strong passion for art and design, Betta Maggio is constantly raising awareness for all stakeholders to embrace the Pure Air Zone project and to overcome and reverse the global crisis of air pollution for the benefit of future generations. And this commitment, she notes, is her life's mission.