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Alexis McGivern

Alexis McGivern

Net Zero Standards Manager, Oxford Net Zero
Alexis McGivern is Net Zero Standards Manager at Oxford Net Zero, working to translate academic research on net zero into actionable insights for the business sector. She works to strengthen the standards landscape to improve the integrity of net zero, including through addressing justice and equity concerns of net zero. She also engages closely with youth and civil society, currently running a UNFCCC-focused training course for 4,500 young climate justice activists.
Alexis previously completed a dual degree as a Pershing Square Scholar at the University of Oxford, undertaking an MPhil at the School of Geography and the Environment. Her MPhil looked at the politics of waste incineration and the communities who are resisting the installation of new incinerators in the UK. She also completed an MBA at the Saïd Business School to understand the language and motivations of businesses to create long-lasting change across the stakeholders needed to address the climate emergency. Prior to Oxford, she worked on marine conservation policy at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and at the Gallifrey Foundation.