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Part 1 - The Climate Conversation: Why COP26 is just the beginning

20 Oct 2021
Part 1 - The Climate Conversation: Why COP26 is just the beginning


Is the world now at such a critical juncture that COP26 is in real danger of becoming a ‘greenwashing’ exercise? With many scientific analysts already predicting 1.5 degrees will be hit as soon as 2025, isn’t it time for the world’s politicians to stop grandstanding and for big business to step in and lead? Global governments – by their very nature - are far too short-sighted by elections and by self-interest to collectively drive the radical, far-reaching changes the earth needs to keep a lid on catastrophic warming.

As part of our commentary around COP 26, Reset Connect and My Green Pod have teamed up to host an exclusive 3-part series to honestly and boldly tackle the critical realities of climate change, and what political inertia and dithering means for our planet. It will examine the considerable leadership global industry and business will have to embrace if we are to force significant changes, to reshape the way billions of people on this planet currently live, consume, pollute and waste.

Can business boldly step up where politicians fail, and deliver the radical changes we need to tackle the climate emergency?

It’s a series of events that will grasp the thorny realities facing all of us, will have honest conversations, and forge tangible pathways to identify effective action that everyone can embrace – today.

Series Speakers:

  • Andy Aitken, CEO & Co-Founder, Honest Mobile

  • Ewen Anderson, Co-founder & CIO, Px3

  • Emily Cromwell, Climate Change and Sustainability Lead, Deloitte

  • Dianne Dain, Co-founder, COPXX

  • Paul Dickinson, Founder Chair, CDP

  • Duncan Grierson, Founder & CEO, Clim8 Invest

  • Bianca Pitt, Co-Founder, She Changes Climate

  • Ann Rosenberg, SVP for Sustainability Solutions, Wood plc

  • Jarvis Smith, Co-founding Director, My Green Pod

  • Jayn Sterland, Managing Director, Weleda

  • Antoinette Vermilye, Co-founder, Gallifrey Foundation & She Changes Climate

Andy    Ewen    Emily    Dianne    Paul    Duncan    Bianca    Ann    Jarvis    Jayn    Antoinette

in part 1 of this event series, we set the scene. Click the link below to watch Jarvis speaking with PaulEmilyEwenAntoinette and Dianne!

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