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PANEL DISCUSSION: Scaling Sustainable Aviation – the Rapid Transformation Required to Decarbonise Air Travel and Transport, and the Critical Role that SAF has to Play

28 Jun 2023
Clean Energy Summit
Clean Energy
The success of the proliferation and development of the Sustainable Aviation Fuels market across Europe, and globally, holds the potential key to achieving net zero aviation. The industry has grasped this opportunity with both hands, but cross-sector collaboration, policy adoption, access to project finance and funding new infrastructure are the key pieces of the puzzle that this session will address.
Matthew Gorman , Director of Sustainability - Heathrow
Julia Fidler, Environmental Sustainability | Fuels and Materials Decarbonization - Microsoft
Carrie Harris, Director of Sustainability - British Airways
Brett Orlando, Managing Director – Global Head of Commodity Transition - Bank of America
Maxime Molenaar, Team Manager Products - SkyNRG
Antoine Poulallion, Director – Sustainability - Boston Consulting Group