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PANEL DISCUSSION: A Part to Play: Understanding the Voluntary Carbon Market

27 Jun 2023
Net-Zero Business Stage
2023 Net-Zero Business
This session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the voluntary carbon market and its relevance for corporate brands. Discover the mechanisms, types of carbon credits, and key players in the market. Learn about the challenges and opportunities of participating, including evaluating carbon offset projects, navigating certification standards, and managing risks. Get practical insights and guidance to make informed decisions about engaging in the voluntary carbon market and advancing your sustainability goals. This is a critical opportunity to deepen your knowledge and make informed decisions considering offsetting emissions.
Andrea Abrahams, Managing Director - VCM & ICROA, IETA
Satish Ramchandani, Co-Founder and CBO - Updapt - An ESG Tech Co.
Joseph Hargreaves, Co-Founder - Thallo
Thomas Blackburn, Head of Business Development & Partnerships - SustainCERT
Vincent Loubinoux, Head of International Development - Climateseed
Ryan King, CCO - UNDO