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PANEL DISCUSSION: Optimising the Role of Innovation and Technology in the Energy Transition

28 Jun 2023
Clean Energy Summit
Clean Energy
This session gathers industry disruptors to discuss cutting-edge technologies, novel business models, and innovative solutions that are driving the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon energy future. Discover breakthrough advancements in renewable energy, energy efficiency, digitalization, grid management, emerging trends and opportunities in energy markets, and what the increasing investment in Technology and Innovation means for future energy demand in the UK, Europe and beyond.
Yumann Siddiq, Policy Manager - Energy UK
Stephen Brooke, Partner, Environmental Technology Fund - Hambro Perks
Andy Hackett, Policy Manager - Octopus Energy’s Centre for Net Zero
Manu Ravishankar, Innovation Lead - Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund - Innovate UK
Matt Willis, Senior Innovation Manager - Carbon Trust - Carbon Trust