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PANEL DISCUSSION: Driving Climate Action Through Responsible Technology Production and Consumption

28 Jun 2023
Net-Zero Business Stage
2023 Net-Zero Business
The accelerating pace of technological advancement has revolutionised the way we live and work, but it has also contributed to environmental challenges. Providing thought-provoking discussion, exploring the interconnection between technology and climate action. They will delve into topics such as sustainable technology manufacturing practices, circular economy principles in the tech industry, and reducing electronic waste. The panellists will also discuss the role of responsible consumption, including extending the lifespan of technology devices, promoting repairability and upgradability, and fostering a culture of responsible tech usage among consumers.
Sophia Kesteven, General Manager - Tech Zero
Amael Parreaux-Ey, CEO - Resilio Solutions
Ben Tongue, Digital Net Zero Lead - NHS England
Darren Long, Sports Technology Integration Project Lead - Warner Bros. Discovery
Michael Wyatt, Director - ChromeOS EMEA
Natasha Early, Head of Partnerships - Good Things Foundation