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PANEL DISCUSSION: Disruptive Business Models and Partnerships: Engaging Customers in the Circular Economy

28 Jun 2023
Net-Zero Business Stage
2023 Net-Zero Business
The discussion will cover the latest trends and developments in the circular economy and how companies are engaging customers to drive change. Panellists will share their experiences in creating and implementing new business models and partnerships that support a circular economy, and discuss the challenges and opportunities of such initiatives. Topics of discussion will include the role of technology in the circular economy, cross-sector and private- public sector collaboration, and the importance of education and awareness in engaging customers.
David Greenfield, Vice President - Circular Economy Institute - Co-founder and Urban Miner - etsaW
Martin Bunch, Managing Partner - Bates Wells
Ben Kellard, Director of Business Strategy - Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Merryn Haines-Gadd, Research Fellow - University of Exeter
Loïc Le Fouest, Customer Experience Lead - Clarasys
Sophie Thomas, Chief Design Garbologist - estaW Ventures