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PANEL DISCUSSION: Building Brands and Behaviours: Creating Customer Propositions that Deliver on Sustainability Goals, Avoid Greenwash and Destroying the Planet

27 Jun 2023
Net-Zero Business Stage
2023 Net-Zero Business
This session will discuss the role of consumer behaviour in achieving sustainability goals and avoiding greenwashing. The panellists will delve into the challenges of creating customer propositions that are both environmentally sustainable and appealing to consumers. Topics of discussion will include the use of persuasive marketing techniques, product design and packaging, and the importance of transparency and honesty in promoting sustainable products.
Ryan Bromley, Founder & Partner - Good Innovation
Sam Maguire, Sustainability Lead - Clarasys
Tim Hodgson, Founder - My Net Zero
Hannah Cornick, Head of Sustainability and Social Innovation - Danone UK & Ireland
Felicity McLean, Associate Director of Sustainability - WPP
Henry Chilcott, Chief Marketing Officer - Formula E