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PANEL DISCUSSION: Addressing Overproduction, Waste and Packaging. Driving Behaviour Change Across Sectors

27 Jun 2023
Net-Zero Business Stage
2023 Net-Zero Business
This session will explore the underlying causes of overproduction, waste, and excessive packaging, such as inefficient supply chains, consumer demand patterns, and industry norms. The panellists will share their experiences, insights, and successful initiatives aimed at addressing these challenges and driving behaviour change in their respective sectors. The panel will also delve into the role of technology, innovation, and collaboration in solving these issues. The panellists will discuss how digital transformation, circular economy models, sustainable packaging solutions, and cross-industry partnerships can contribute to reducing overproduction, waste, and excessive packaging, while promoting sustainable consumption and production practices.
Illana Adamson, Founder - Be Better Sustainability
Paul Gilligan, CEO - Magical Mushroom Company
Sebastian Munden, Chair - WRAP
Barry Waddilove, Head of Circular Economy & Partnerships - Electrolux
Dean Kramer, Director of Operations - Currys