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27 May 2022

Supply Chain Mapping

STAR Index

STAR Index has an embedded and dynamic supply chain mapping and management tool that delivers real-time collaborative insights at finished goods and raw material level. 


To gain greater visibility

Using our transparency tool your suppliers can declare their onward supply chain partners, track certification, key data, manage their raw material inventory, and make all of this visible and accountable to you, delivering a live framework for flow of verified data. 

Counterfeit goods and product fraud, have prompted many customers and stakeholders to require greater levels of supply chain visibility. Providing your customers with a clear picture of products they purchase throughout their supply chain, confidence is increased.


What we are offering

When you undertake supply chain mapping, the biggest challenge you will face is getting enough data from all levels in your supply chain to create and maintain an up-to-date supply chain map.

Multiple solutions currently exist where your suppliers are expected to pay heavily to provide information. These charges have become an obstacle for many companies.

By providing our supply chain mapping solution at low cost to you and free for suppliers we remove suppliers’ objections to being charged, and open up an opportunity for you to partner with suppliers to deliver greater transparency.


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