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26 Jun 2022

GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

FBRH Consultants Ltd.

5 days realtime remote (3 GRI Certified Courses):

• FBRH GRI Certified "learn how to prepare a 1st class GRi Standards Sustainability Report"

• FBRH GRI Certified "integrate the SDGs into your reporting process"

• FBRH GRI Certified "Address Human Rights with the GRI Standards"


  1. Learn how to Create a 1st-Class GRI Standards Sustainability Report
  2. Learn how to address the SDGs, Human Rights, EU Directives, stock exchange rules, and other country-specific laws and regulations.
  3. Learn why the GRI Standards are ideal as your 360° sustainability umbrella framework to cover every aspect of sustainability and address all stakeholder needs.
  4. 140+ reviews provide key insights on the value you will gain
  5. highly engaging classroom or realtime remote course + 30-day access to trainer + FBRH exclusive templates and plan of action
  6. Highly rated, GRI and IEMA-certified
  7. FBRH-exclusive templates and hands-on exercises to embed learning
  8. Proper support from expert GRI Certified Trainer
  9. GRI, CPD and IEMA Certificates
  10. Free access to the FBRH mock exam which helps participants embed the knowledge they have gained
  11. Demonstrate your credentials and have your name listed on the GRI website

At the end of every course, a solid roadmap/ plan for action is given for you to implement ASAP



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