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ESI Monitor

Expert sustainability, simplified.

FutureTrack makes industry-leading, impactful, expert sustainability tools and solutions accessible to your internal teams, allowing you to measure, manage, understand, report, and reduce your footprint with confidence, ease, flexibility, and control.


Detailed measurement

Emissions measurement sets the foundation for your sustainability journey, so it is vital that it is done right. FutureTrack’s fully guided measurement tool allows you to accurately calculate emissions from sources in Scopes 1, 2, and 3, with no prior knowledge or experience needed.

Meaningful data

Having high-quality emissions data is core to your sustainability journey, but so is understanding it. FutureTrack ensures you get the most from your data, with interactive dashboarding, benchmarking against competitors, and detailed carbon footprint reports.

Efficient Emissions Reduction

Once you’ve measured your footprint, the next step is to reduce it. FutureTrack makes setting strategic commitments for reduction, like net-zero targets, simple and intuitive. Turning commitments into results is also easy with FutureTrack. Our extensive library of data-driven sustainability initiatives empowers you to enact impactful and long-lasting emissions reductions, without the need for internal experts.

Report and disclose

Receive high-quality disclosure-ready emissions data, consistent with GHG Protocol and ISO 14064 methodologies. You can use your data to showcase your commitment to sustainability to investors, partners, employees, and customers, or to disclose to regulatory and governmental bodies.

At your own pace, with your own teams

FutureTrack eliminates the need for external consultants and carbon auditors. Transform your sustainability using your own staff and gain new knowledge and skills along the way.

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