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23 Jun 2022

U-Earth makes Reset Connect 2022 a Pure Air Zone and will exclusively reveal new launches

U-Earth Biotech Stand:

U-Earth will also reveal two new launches to their Pure Air Zone project exclusively to Reset Connect attendees to propel their sustainability efforts.


As part of U-Earth’s partnership with Reset Connect, the three conference areas will transform into Pure Air Zones

A Pure Air Zone offers a ‘bubble’ of clean air, using biotechnology in the form of U-Ox® – U-Earth’s proprietary formulation of bacteria and enzymes taken from the natural world – to capture, digest and neutralise air contaminants of all types and sizes. 

The event industry has suffered hugely in the wake of the pandemic, resulting in financial and job losses beyond comparison. While things are looking up, the last few years have demonstrated just how fragile this industry can be. 

Pure Air Zone is a new air quality standard that offers the events industry (and many other industries) the possibility to continue as normal, even during a health crisis, by providing decontaminated air to keep attendees and staff safe. 

While many may still be unsure about attending such large functions, by making the event a Pure Air Zone, Reset Connect has ensured their visitors can attend free of worry and risk.

Reset Connect visitors will also be the first to experience the latest add-ons to the Pure Air Zone suite. 

  1. U-App – the beta version of a community app that offers a concrete tool for companies, organisations and people to contribute to the global air purification effort, and be rewarded for doing so.

  2. The prototype of the ESGverse(R) – a metaverse space where companies can provide a 3D experience of their sustainability projects.

Businesses need to step up their ESG strategies to achieve net zero. But current regulations and standards are an absolute jungle where companies, especially SMEs, struggle to find the time and resources to implement any actionable changes. 

The latest Pure Air Zone products aim to simplify the ESG journey and amplify the communication power of sustainability projects. They also mark a transformative era for the Pure Air Zone project that will propel companies with a vision to do greater things in the ESG space. 

The biggest challenge is how to make sustainability easy to understand and something that individuals can adapt to their day-to-day life,” says Betta Maggio, CEO at U-Earth. “Likewise, the real challenge is making it simple, enjoyable and immediately impactful for companies. That’s the goal of U-App and the ESGverse: combining biotech performances with marketing amplification.”  

Catch Betta speaking at the Innovation Hub at 10:35 on the 29th June on the topic of What if air quality management could create plug and play ESG? 

The environmental and business landscapes impose an acceleration on climate action. However, the complexity of ESG standards and frameworks drive many to disillusionment.

There’s a new paradigm in air quality management that is simple to implement and can help both large and small companies act now, make a positive impact and gain competitive advantage.

U-Earth’s stand will be C220, by the entrance and the advisors hub. To ensure a slot with the team, you can book an appointment.


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