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27 Jun 2022

Start your climate journey with C Free

C Free Stand:
Measure and reduce your carbon footprint

Companies across the globe are setting targets to try to minimise their impact on the planet. But how? What are the best actions to take?

C Free demystifies climate action by delivering accurate and efficient carbon calculations for business to inform you on the best way forward in decarbonising your company. As the old saying goes, you cannot manage what don’t measure.

By leveraging the power of modern data science, C Free has established tools and routines to calculate carbon footprints highly efficiently with minimal time requirements for clients. C Free also links businesses with high-quality climate solutions allowing them to go carbon neutral and set net-zero targets in line with internationally recognised standards.

Engage with stakeholders across your value chain by making credible and substantiated green claims about your business.


  • Carbon Footprint Calculations and GHG Reporting
  • Carbon Neutral Certification in line with the PAS2060
  • PPN 06/21 Carbon Reduction Plan

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