24 Jun 2022


MyCarbon Stand:
The MyCarbon Process

MyCarbon is the sustainability consultancy delivering clarity in carbon.

Many businesses are currently setting carbon neutral and net-zero targets due to the current state of the climate crisis and pressure from a variety of stakeholders including: Employees, customers, the government, the media and the general public. MyCarbon works with clients committed to becoming sustainability leaders in their industry, providing the necessary support and expertise to achieve this.

The most effective way to become carbon neutral / net-zero is through a process of calculating, reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint using industry standard best practices. It is highly advised that any carbon neutrality claims also be backup up by an effective emissions reduction strategy.

The key benefits of creating a high-quality emissions reduction strategy include:
• Ensuring business model viability in alignment with long term government targets
• Increased shareholder valuation
• Increased employee engagement
• Financial benefit: Net-Zero can provide direct positive ROI from reduction activities
• Increased competitive advantage against competitors with poor sustainability strategy
• Improved customer value
• Supporting the global challenge of climate change mitigation

MyCarbon Portfolio of Services
• GHG quantification and reporting (carbon footprinting)
- In accordance with global standards: GHG protocol and ISO 14064-1
- Life cycle analysis in accordance with global standards: ISO 14040 & ISO 14067
• Net zero strategy
- In line with science based targets
- Support with SBTi validation
• Carbon offsetting
• Carbon neutrality certification
- PAS2060 certification
• Carbon modelling
- Build of speciality carbon tools e.g. carbon footprint calculators, lifetime carbon footprinting for high net worth individuals
• Sustainability communication and reporting
- Writing of sustainability communications to avoid greenwashing
- Writing of sustainability reports for internal and external communications

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