Star Index

Management of Supply Chain Risk through STAR Index delivers actionable insight across the wider risks within your supply chains, with an overview of representation, policies, activity and engagement across Sustainable, Technical, Assets & Environment, and Responsible Sourcing.

Delivered by the QADEX Group, with our proven track record in complex supply chain risk management, our intuitive, secure and supported platform engages your business and supply chain partners to deliver demonstrable improvements, therefore allowing you to map, manage and mitigate risks across any sector.

  • Supply Chain Mapping

    27 May 2022
    Manage Supply Chain Risk with Clarity and Confidence In increasingly fragmented global supply chains – gathering data to provide actionable insight that enables you to manage and mitigate risk is not ...
  • The STAR Index platform will benchmark your business and your supply chains to deliver a cockpit view of ESG and sustainability risk across the 4 pillars of Sustainable, Technical, Assets and Responsi ...
  • Introduction to STAR Index

    27 May 2022 STAR Index Marketing
    STAR Index ™ is your one stop solution to manage and deliver a more sustainable and lower risk supply chain. The platform allows you to rely on our own expert templates to gather key data and insight, ...
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Carbon Neutral and Net-Zero
  • Digital Solutions
  • Responsible Business
  • Social Value
  • Sustainable Supply Chain