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RentMy is a peer-to-peer rental platform that lets people rent anything, from anyone, anywhere! Billed as the “Airbnb of everything”, the platform will allow individuals across the country to advertise anything – from sports equipment to tools, accommodation to clothing and furniture, and all the gubbins for weddings and events – for rent to people in their area or chosen network, linking you to people in your community with similar interests too. RentMy allows people to make money from the things they own, making otherwise unused items into profitable assets, while allowing others to access useful items or new experiences – this shared approach helps the environment by reducing consumption. RentMy’s seed funding round recently opened with a very successful uptake of investment - this will see the platform rolled out from regional to national in 2022, starting with East Anglia. The company is set to become a key player in the rapidly growing sharing economy in the UK: empowering people to utilise existing resources and reduce waste.

  • Circular Economy
  • Social Value
  • Waste Solutions