CareRooms arranges safe, welcoming and comfortable places for people to enjoy a better recovery after, or instead of, a hospital stay. The CareRooms community comprises hosts, who have unused spare rooms in their homes and a warm, hospitable spirit; NHS and local authority partners, who work with CareRooms to help patients seeking a better recovery; and families of patients who show their appreciation by spreading the word about CareRooms. CareRooms'​ state-of-the-art technology and systems ensure hosts and guests are always properly and safely supported. The wonderful hosts take pressure off the health system and are financially rewarded for their kindness. CareRooms'​ solutions benefit patients, families, health systems, hosts and communities. We use the latest remote patient monitoring technology, online NHS GP consultations, good nutrition, appropriate safeguarding and health education to provide a homely environment that enables the best possible recovery and recuperation for patients. CareRooms'​ objective is to improve patient experiences/outcomes and hospital efficiency as well as helping with the critical global issues of social isolation, ageing populations and independent living.
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