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Part 3 - The Climate Conversation: Why COP26 is just the beginning

17 Nov 2021
Part 3 - The Climate Conversation: Why COP26 is just the beginning


COP26 has officially ended and The Glasgow Climate Pact has been adopted. While an agreement of any kind is a positive development, a feeling of disappointment persists. Are the commitments enough? 

In the first two parts of our COP26 event series, we discussed what the conference could and should achieve.

Now that we know what the world intends to do, it is time to take action on the 3rd and final part. 

The webinar is deliberately designed as a session taking place BEFORE the dust settles, giving us a good early benchmark as we speed into 2022.

Series Speakers:

  • Andy Aitken, CEO & Co-Founder, Honest Mobile

  • Ewen Anderson, Co-founder & CIO, Px3

  • Emily Cromwell, Climate Change and Sustainability Lead, Deloitte

  • Dianne Dain, Co-founder, COPXX

  • Paul Dickinson, Founder Chair, CDP

  • Duncan Grierson, Founder & CEO, Clim8 Invest

  • Roger Leese, Partner, Clifford Chance

  • Bianca Pitt, Co-Founder, She Changes Climate

  • Ann Rosenberg, SVP for Sustainability Solutions, Wood plc

  • Jarvis Smith, Co-founding Director, My Green Pod

  • Jayn Sterland, Managing Director, Weleda

  • Antoinette Vermilye, Co-founder, Gallifrey Foundation & She Changes Climate

  • Florence Miller, Director, Environmental Funders Network

  • Jessi Baker MBE, Founder & CEO, Provenance

  • Fiona Haworth, CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles


AndyEwen    Emily    Dianne    Paul    Duncan    Roger Leese    Bianca    Ann    Jarvis    Jayn    Antoinette    Florence    Jessi    Fiona

In this final part, Jarvis speaks with AndyDuncanBianca & Jayn


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