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Investing in Nature, Investing in Health: How to enhance the human health benefits of investments in nature

Date: 27 June 2023

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GSK and Pollination, together with WBCSD, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance, are hosting an interactive event, ‘Investing in nature, investing in health: How to enhance the human health benefits of investments in nature.’

Nature is fundamental to human health – for example, forest protection and restoration can improve air quality and reduce the risk of zoonotic disease spread; the natural world provides ingredients for existing medicines and inspiration for new ones; and climate-resilient water systems can improve access to water, sanitation, and hygiene services. Investing in nature is an opportunity to prevent disease, improve human health, and reduce health inequality.

The UN is calling for investment in nature-based solutions to urgently triple to $484 billion a year by 2030. This presents a real opportunity to ensure human health is a key outcome of the world’s drive to protect and restore nature.

However, today, human health is not always included as part of the core objectives of nature investments, and is more commonly included as a secondary or incidental outcome. This is a missed opportunity for health systems, for local communities, and for those investing in nature.

That’s why GSK is working alongside Pollination, with contributions from leading nature and health experts, to develop an innovative toolkit which aims to support those working on nature-based solutions to help ensure that human health becomes a key outcome in the world’s drive to protect and restore nature.

We know that many other organisations are also devoting effort and imagination to tackling this challenge. So, we want to bring together a wide range of experts and innovators, to share progress and learning so we can move faster, together. 

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