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Climate Intelligence from Space: How Satellite Data is Providing Leading Solutions to Support your Sustainability and Net-Zero Journey

28 Jun 2023
Innovation & Technology Hub
Over the last 50 years, satellites have revolutionised our understanding of the planet. Using a variety of cameras and sensors, Earth Observation satellites measure the Earth’s weather, forests, oceans, ice sheets and more. From space, satellites have a wide field of view, and alongside validation measurements on the ground, they can provide a comprehensive picture of large areas of the planet, and how these areas change over time. Examples include the monitoring of the state and evolution of our environment, be it land, sea or air, and the ability to rapidly assess situations during crises such as extreme weather events or during times of human conflict. The space sector is uniquely placed to aid progress across all these areas — especially in driving the adoption of innovative tools to inform climate-based decision-making. Space technologies can also track emission levels as countries move toward their mid-century targets, helping to hold governments and companies to account. To limit warming to 1.5 C, the world must lower carbon dioxide emissions by 45% by 2030 and data insights must drive action toward significant reductions. Close collaboration with the space sector will be key in enabling scalable, impactful solutions.
Krupa Nanda Kumar, Climate Services Development Manager - Space4Climate
Sam Fleming, Co-Founder and Head of Customer Success - Earth Blox
Tom Greenwood, Strategic Account Manager - ICEYE
Ellesha Dunn, Marketing and Product Management Analyst - Airbus Defence and Space
Isabelle Chatel de Brancion, Business and Innovation Lead - Geovation