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Powering Residential Decarbonisation with Open Energy Data

28 Jun 2023
Innovation & Technology Hub
Clean Energy
Harness open energy data to drive residential decarbonisation in alignment with ESG initiatives
1. Customer-centric approach: Learn how utilities are rapidly digitalising and revolutionising their customer relationships to address the growing pain points faced by end customers in understanding and reducing energy consumption and making green energy upgrades in their homes.
2. Utilities' digital transformation: Understand why utilities are racing to adopt digital solutions to enhance their customer experiences, streamline operations, and optimise energy management. Explore the benefits and motivations behind this industry-wide shift.
3. Corporate utilisation of energy data: Explore the increasing need for corporates to access and leverage energy data within their customer-facing products. Uncover how organisations can harness energy data to create value, inform decision-making, and align with sustainable practices.

By embracing open energy data, stakeholders can unlock new opportunities, foster sustainability, open up new revenue streams and reinforce their commitment to ESG principles.
Håkan Ludvigson, CEO - Eliq