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LDES Enabling the Energy Transition

28 Jun 2023
Innovation & Technology Hub
Clean Energy
Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) is essential for enabling the energy transition. Renewables can’t power the grid without large-scale long-duration electricity storage – not just for its balancing services but also for energy security, avoidance of grid reinforcement costs and (if the storage is naturally inertial) for the stability, power quality, operability and restoration services that the grid needs. Without sufficient suitable LDES, costs are rising exponentially: system operation costs 2021-22 were 14x higher than just 3 years before, and each new GW of offshore wind requires £3bn onshore grid reinforcement. Long duration energy storage is also essential for the hydrogen economy. Not only electrolysis but also most hydrogen applications (e.g. ammonia / methanol synthesis, iron and steel) hate intermittency, which reduces efficiency and plant life, and requires many times more equipment than if powered by base load. As well as looking at these challenges, this talk will also offer solutions.
Mark Howitt, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder - Storelectric