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Green the Flex – Implementing & Optimizing Flexibility for a Sustainable Energy System

28 Jun 2023
Innovation & Technology Hub
Clean Energy

This sessions showcases the Cooperation project "Green the flex" by EVN and Cybergrid, selected as the only Austrian project by the European Commission for funding in the EU Innovation Fund. The project demonstrates: Unlocking the Flexibility of 3000 households Mass EV Charging control Monetizing 5GWh per year Saving 3500 tonnes CO² per year! The idea behind the project is to shift the electricity consumption of households to times when there is sufficient electricity, ideally 100% green electricity, available.

The focus here is on the major consumers in a household, such as hot water boilers, heat pumps, battery storage systems or electric cars, where time delays do not result in a loss of comfort. This so-called "demand-side management" can reduce the use of fossil power plantsand the associated CO2 emissions. At least 3,500 tons of CO2 are to be saved per year as part of this project alone.  CyberGrid's flexibility management platform connects the power grid and consumers in the household to form an intelligent overall system, a so-called "swarm storage system". If you go this route with a large number of customers, you quickly reach a scale that corresponds to a power plant. “This project makes our customers active participants in the future of energy. You can protect the environment and save money at the same time,” explains EVN project manager Silke Paizoni.

Alexander Kofink, CEO - CyberGrid