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Building Sustainable Behaviours in your Organisation, Crucial to Delivering a Successful Sustainability Strategy

27 Jun 2023
Innovation & Technology Hub

A new frontier in sustainability strategies is opening, and companies including NatWest Group, Deloitte, Arup, and Adobe recognise how crucial employees are in delivering a successful sustainability strategy to deliver the emissions reductions critical to stem climate change.  

Jo Hand, Giki’s co-founder and expert in helping organisations build sustainable behaviours, and Alberto Pardo, who leads the NatWest’s Sustainable Futures Network which is responsible for Giki employee engagement at NatWest can provide a highly original perspective on how employee engagement has driven behaviour change, both at an individual level and in creating more sustainable behaviours at work and How businesses can use employee engagement as a key strand to advance and accelerate net zero and other sustainability commitments. 

Jo Hand, Co-founder, Giki & - Director of Climate Action
Alberto Pardo, Assistant Director and Global Co-Chair of Sustainable Futures Network - NatWest Group