Climate Leadership: Radical Disruption and Climate Action

29 Jun 2022
Industry Systems Hub
Corporate Sustainability , Business & Industry
What does Climate Leadership really look like? Faced with a climate emergency, a changing planet and a world coming out of a pandemic, how can leaders drive their organisations, sectors and industries towards 'real' measurable and impactful climate change and transition to a low carbon economy? Nik Gowing, Ipsita Bhatia and Liz Bentley will discuss the science behind the climate emergency and discuss if our industries are really adapting in the ways, and at the speed, necessary.
Nik Gowing, Founder and Co-Author - Thinking the Unthinkable (TTU)
Liz Bentley , Chief Executive - Royal Meteorological Society
Ipsita Bhatia, Business Engagement Lead - Count Us In