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28 – 29 June 2022 | ExCeL London
Business | Investors | Entrepreneurs

Reset Connect

28 – 29 June 2022 | ExCeL London
Business | Investors | Entrepreneurs




Our community offers an abundance of sustainability knowledge and insights from real-life experience.

They have gone carbon neutral, found innovative new revenue streams and models, created sustainable supply chains, received funding and scaled their businesses. We learn from each other to accelerate change in the business world by making it easier. 

Sustainability cannot be achieved alone. Let's collaborate and support one another to achieve business success whilst working towards the SDGs. 

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Why We Started

Climate change and inequality are the biggest challenges facing society.

We use 1.7 planet's worth of natural resources necessary for our way of life (Global Footprint Network). By 2030 it will be 2 planets! Infinite growth on a planet with finite resources is not possible. Mother Nature cannot negotiate, once she is at her limits she will break down. We cannot let this happen.

At Reset Connect we are travellers, parents, food lovers, wildlife and clean air enthusiasts! We value our warmth, shelter, freedom and safety and want everyone to have access to the same. We want to ensure all the things we love are possible in our later years and for future generations to also enjoy! This isn't a far off problem, this is happening now. We want to ensure our businesses are still standing in the next decade! 

This means acting now. This means making changes in our businesses and lives to reduce the strain we're putting on the planet, on our supply chains, our systems and people. By working with each other and within the planet's limitations, we will see life and with it, businesses thrive! This means success, happiness, profit and resilience for us all. We support the incredible businesses and change-makers already embarking on this journey and want to learn from and with them. We invite you to do the same; to start your own journeys and share with the community so we all lift each other. We're in this together!

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Hope Manifesto

What will you tell your children you did?
Not nothing.
The world we live in is not sustainable.
Quite the opposite.
This has driven our Hope Manifesto.
Our aim is to get more businesses into sustainable action through collaboration.
We will accelerate the transition to a green economy through practical tools that enable and empower sustainable businesses to thrive, scale and create jobs.
We believe in the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profit. We believe in B-Corps.
We believe in the Race to Net-Zero.
We believe it’s best to start with small steps. But start now.
We believe all pension funds, wealth funds, asset managers, and investors everywhere should immediately start to transition their investment, exploration, extraction and subsidies away from fossil fuels.
As a company who believes in the power, solidarity and importance of human face-to-face connection we also lead and drive the events industry on the Race To Zero.
We need to change. We don’t have time.
We need to Reset now.
Join us before it’s too late.
Let’s Connect. Every single person counts.