FREE Introductory Workshop to Carbon Measurement Calculations

28 Jun 2022
ExCel London

How do we measure our carbon footprint? Where do we start, what data do we need, how to we turn this into emissions results and are we focusing on the biggest impact streams to be most efficient with out efforts?

This introductory workshop gives you the starting point and walks you through a basic carbon footprint calculation you can apply to your business today. 

What we will cover:

  • Understanding our impact as an industry, business and individual

  • Identifying footprint impact streams and how to measure your own impact

  • Gathering meaningful data

  • Carbon footprint measurement in more detail

  • Worked examples and calculations

You will be given your own mini carbon calculator to apply to other data points and continue measuring.

What previous participants thought:

This is usually part of a 3 part online paid series. Participants who completed the whole course fedback:

“The workshop series has already given me great insight into how emissions are calculated. Understanding how the venue’s impact ties in with organisers’ and suppliers’ emissions has been extremely valuable. I’m looking forward to learning more in the final session, in preparation for the work we will be undertaking to fulfil Olympia London’s net zero pledge.”
- Siân Richards, Head of Sustainability, Olympia London 

How to take part:

Register for your free ticket to Reset Connect London and turn up on the day. This session is first-come, first-served
The event is co-located with The Meetings Show, your ticket will get you into both events.