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Why We Need to Switch to Green Pensions

29 Jun 2022
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Switching to a green pension is one of the most powerful tools we have to reduce our climate footprint. UK pensions are "the largest single group of institutional investors in the UK", according to the UK government holding around £2tn in assets, yet many of us do not consider where our funds are being invested. 

According to a recent BBC article and analysis from Aviva, Make My Money Matter and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), "moving the average UK pension to a sustainable equivalent reduces some 19 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent/CO2e) per year, almost three times the average UK carbon footprint. Shifting investment is absolutely key to the green transition, and for many people, moving their pension is the most powerful way to have a direct influence on that shift."

Is your pension investing in fossil fuel firms and activities, does it have a responsible investment policy covering its funds, how to balance environmental and social positives and negatives and how do you take a considered approach to which will still perform well on the stock market? 

Join us for all these questions, insights and more.

David Macdonald, Chartered Financial Planner and Founder - Path Financial