Opening Keynote - Living in the Doughnut: Creating an Economy that's Fit for our Times (Audio issue resolved 3 mins in)

28 Jun 2022
Pioneer Stage
Founders & Entrepreneurs , Keynote , Business & Industry , Finance & Investment


Please note the audio is a little patchy between 1:25 - 4:41 but improves for the rest of the session. 

The Doughnut Economy has been adopted by Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Brussels as a sustainable framework to run their governments and hailed by Sir David Attenborough as "our species’ compass for the journey to a sustainable future".

So what is it? It is a model that defines a successful society by its social and environmental boundaries rather than just GDP.

The theory argues that 20th century economic thinking is not equipped to deal with the reality of a 21st century planet on the edge of a climate breakdown. Instead of equating a growing GDP with a successful society, the theory looks for the “sweet spot” between the “social foundation,” where everyone has what they need to live a good life, and the “environmental ceiling.” Generally, people in rich countries live above the environmental ceiling whilst those in poorer countries often fall below the social foundation. The space in between: that’s the doughnut we need to aim to operate within.

Kate Raworth, Co-founder - Doughnut Economics Action Lab