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Devil in the Details: How to Grow a Profitable Ecosystem to Deliver Climate and Sustainability Commitments?

27 Jun 2023
Collaboration Corner

The pressure to deliver on climate and sustainability commitments is growing as the 2030 deadline draws close. If we miss this window of opportunity, we lock in a harsh operating climate for generations to come, even by achieving net zero at a later time. And sustainability achievements on all fronts be it hunger, infectious diseases, poverty, water, conservation, decent work, shared prosperity, or peace, etcetera, are all thrown back into the air because even just sustaining these achievements will become even tougher with a harsher climate. Yet, the pace and scale of action, based on the latest IPCC report, is evidently lacking. 

Why? The devil is in the details. In this session, we share why a profitable ecosystem is the critical missing 'detail' that is inhibiting rapid action at scale; and how to grow such a profitable ecosystem by disrupting some 'details'. 

Lijin Chin , Chairperson - Circular Business Association