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Real Estate's Scope-1 Ugly Duckling

27 Jun 2023
Collaboration Corner

'Ugly Duckling'; appears unpromising and dissimilar to siblings, but has enormous potential.

F-Gases, the world's fastest growing GHG, are powerful, man-made gases with an impact on global warming thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide.These fugitive emissions are substantial, increasing, and underappreciated contributors to climate change. 

F-Gases (HFCs), also known as refrigerants, will be one of the last emissions left in use in cooling systems and heat pumps as power, vehicles, and heat are decarbonized. F-Gas emissions are expected to rise rapidly as Heat Pumps, a critical technology for the carbon transition, are scaled up to decarbonize heat.

Anyone who owns, operates, or manages real estate must report f-gas emissions accurately and have a plan in place to phase them out.

This session will provide an overview of the topic, its complexities, common challenges, and solutions, as well as an opportunity for questions and answers.

Chris Vallis, Co-Founder & CSO - Effecterra