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Why Scale - Not Growth - Will Solve the World's Social and Environmental Crises

28 Jun 2023
Collaboration Corner

In this session, we will explore the difference between scale and growth and the importance of this distinction for organisations pursuing social and environmental impact. 

What we have seen in our decade of helping organisations to scale their impact is that often, what we mean by scale is mixed up or conflated with growth. The way we see it, scale is impacting societal problems - not necessarily growing organisations or solutions. It means committing to the problem, holding onto solutions lightly, and looking for ways to reach further with the same resources, by partnering with others, open-sourcing materials, or influencing systems, for example.

By sharing examples from Spring Impact's work and hearing different perspectives on growth and scale, we look forward to an inspiring discussion about leveraging growth and scale for the good of people and the planet. We hope you'll be able to join us!

Evelyn Henderson-Child, Senior Consultant - Spring Impact
Nikesh Sharma, Senior Consultant - Spring Impact