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Sharing for Sustainability: Revolutionising Resource Efficiency: Exploring the Power of Peer-to-Peer Sharing

27 Jun 2023
Collaboration Corner
In this dynamic discussion, the panellists share their experiences of running a peer-to-peer sharing economy platform. The panel discussion will examine the crucial role of the sharing economy in advancing resource efficiency, highlighting waste reduction, extended product lifecycles, and community collaboration. Engaging the audience, the panellists explore the ways their platforms and apps contribute to sustainable practices and share mind-blowing data. Tessa Clarke, Paul de Gruchy, Jen Charon, and Rebecca Heaps inspire the audience to consider the power of peer-to-peer sharing in creating a more sustainable future.
Rebecca Heaps, Founder - TentShare
Tessa Clarke, CEO - Olio
Paul Gaudin, Founder and CEO - CareRooms
Jen Charon, Co-Founder - Loanhood