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08 Jun 2022

Clear view from the top of the mountain whitepaper

STAR Index

Do you have concerns about growing risks within your supply chains,and require a toolkit to map your journey towards managing them?


The rules for doing business have changed: without visibility there is no accountability, says Rick Sanderson FIFST, Co-founder and Head of Partnerships, STAR Index. To succeed in today’s environment, you need to get a clear view from the top of the mountain.


Businesses need help and guidance to raise the bar and prove they are delivering social, environmental (or ecological) and financial or ‘triple bottom line’ benefits. There is room for optimism with tools and frameworks now available for companies to adopt good environmental, social and governance (ESG) through organisations such as B-Corp, also known as Benefit Corporation. While these can help companies to become more purpose driven, where do you start from and how do you chart your progress?

STAR Index is working with brands to assist them on this journey. We bring our collective skills, experience and technologies together to help solve these problems using innovative solutions that accommodate an ever-changing landscape.


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