Rupert Pearce

Rupert Pearce

Co-Founder , Rewired Earth

Ru Pearce is Director & Co-founder of three ventures aiming to accelerate social and environmental change. Rewired.earth is the latest and most ambitious initiative, seeking to rewire the financial markets, so that they can truly value a businesses positive impact on people and the planet. Working collaboratively with individuals, activists, governments and business, its building a shared language for sustainability; giving everyone a voice, and rewarding companies that act to benefit people and the planet.  Rather than penalise companies for doing the right thing, rewired.earth is using the SDGs to provide a platform for employees, investors and individuals to tell companies their sustainability priorities; and in doing so, provide them with a business case for change.

Bringing together purposeful, highly-skilled and multi-disciplinary professionals and organisations with the aim of maximising collective impact is at the heart of his approach. Having delivered the first Olympic Ceremony co-produced by a group of individuals with learning disabilities, Ru works on projects, films and campaigns that are co-designed by the communities that best understand the challenges being addressed. Alongside Growing Happy and 6 Percent & Rising, Ru is also a trustee of the disability charity Icandance.