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    The UK's leading Sustainability & Net-Zero Event

    Drive scalable impact. Make your business net-zero. Nurture green investment opportunities. Accelerate the energy transition. Improve your ESG performance.


  • Kate Raworth, Author & Co-founder at Doughnut Economics Action Lab

    Kate Raworth, Author & Co-founder at Doughnut Economics Action Lab

    What excites me about joining the change-makers gathering at Reset Connect London is the ambition and courage of participants and speakers to undertake a journey of transforming their own businesses and organisations, so as to create the thriving economy of the future.
  • Hear from over 350 sustainability experts & keynotes

    Hear from over 350 sustainability experts & keynotes

  • Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

    Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

    The climate crisis will affect everyone, everywhere. And, it will get much worse if we don’t do more to curb our carbon emissions much faster. This is why events as part of London Climate Action Week like this one are so important because not only do they help us raise awareness about the urgency of this challenge but they also provide a space and forum where we can work together to develop the practical solutions we need to tackle it.
  • Reset Connect London 2023 will bring together over 250 exhibitors & sponsors

    Reset Connect London 2023 will bring together over 250 exhibitors & sponsors

    Network with the industry, test new products & innovations, seek new business partners, identify new opportunities, attend the conference, benchmark progress, validate your challenges & source solutions


Supporting business, finance, industry and government to collaborate, share learnings and action solutions. 

Reset Connect London is the UK’s largest sustainability ecosystem and green investment event. We are the flagship event of London Climate Action Week. 

We bridge the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, government and funding. This disruptive event provides present & future net-zero business solutions and the financing to implement them.

Sustainability professionals, large corporates, government leaders, policymakers, tech providers, innovators, purpose-led brands and entrepreneurs can network, find sustainable, low-carbon solutions and providers and explore opportunities for funding through institutional & impact investors, private equity & venture capital, and the financial adviser community.  

Sustainability Conference

Event in Numbers







The Exhibition

Free to attend. Featuring 250 exhibitors and sustainability partners, this is a chance to explore solutions, meet fund managers, innovations and new tech to support sustainability strategies, reduce emissions and reach your social and environmental targets.

The show floor features 8 show floor hubs: Innovation & Technology Hub; Collaboration Corner; People & Careers Hub; Wealth & Investment Management Hub; Industry Systems Hub; EnergyTech Hub; Sustainability Hub; and the London Climate Action Week Hub & Bar with insightful sessions taking place each day as well as lunchtime networking.

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The Conference

Free to attend. Access to 350 speakers talking through case studies, regulations, future trends, investment insights, debate, support for start-ups and more. Giving businesses, investors and innovators the right takeaways to reach their targets. 

The 2022 conference programme saw speakers from City of London Corp to Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Impact Investing Institute to Financial Conduct Authority, Ocado to Depop, SME Climate Hub to Sustainable Ventures, learn from those leading the way in ESG, sustainability and net-zero.

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Why London Climate Action Week?

According to the UN, £4 - 5 trillion is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. In the UK alone, existing infrastructure needs an average investment of £40 billion per year, over the next 10 years, to reach net-zero.

Addressing climate change can be expensive, with financial resources needed at scale from both public & private sectors.

We need to act now

  • Businesses need support in advancing their net-zero plans
  • Investors are ready to go but need to be connected to viable proposals
  • Solution providers have the tech and products available but need greater awareness and adoption
  • Government needs driven communities of change-makers to take on and shape new policies, lead the way and help the UK towards net-zero by 2030

We unite during London Climate Action Week, the perfect setting for accelerating change for good.

Who can you expect to meet?

  • Chief Sustainability Officers and their Green Teams
  • Operations, HR, Supply Chain and Procurement professionals
  • Technology providers
  • ESG Reporting and Environmental Consultants
  • National and Local Government Policymakers
  • Waste Management, Energy and Transport Managers
  • Industry Associations
  • Purpose Led Businesses
  • Start-ups and Founders
  • Sustainable Marketing Experts
  • Ethical and Impact Investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Private Equity firms
  • S/EIS Investors
  • Fund and Asset Managers
  • Wealth Managers and Financial Planners 
  • Investment Brokers
  • Institutional Investors
  • Pension Funds
  • Funding and Grant Providers

Keynotes & Highlighted Speakers

2023 Speakers Include



See Full List of Speakers

Who Attends?


Business & Sustainability Leaders

• Find sustainability solutions and providers to help achieve net-zero targets

• Meet investors to help fund and adopt climate actions 

• Get expert insights on transitioning all elements of the business and value chain from energy, suppliers, infrastructure, manufacturing and transportation to events, food and travel

• Collaborate, share best practice, partner on projects to drive innovation and change at scale 

• Learn about new government policies, mandates, guidance, funding and support available 



Finance, Investors & Advisers

• Hear from and network with the full spectrum of capital including institutional & impact investors, private equity & venture capital, plus intermediaries & financial advisers. Gain a deeper knowledge of green finance, ESG, impact-led investing & the available products

• Meet companies looking for investment and guidance to deploy net-zero initiatives and refine their business in line with investors' ESG requirements

• Get insight into the competitive landscape and the likely PE and VC investment strategies 

• Learn about government policy changes, funds and regulations that will shape investment strategies 



Start-ups, Entrepreneurs & Founders

• Learn what investors are looking for and how you can access these grants & funds. Learn how to pitch successfully

• Network with investors, fellow purpose-led businesses, and develop partnerships with leading participants in the sector

• Meet the leading FTSE & International businesses, build your pipeline, launch and test products in the market

• Engage with government representatives and buyers, talk to the Mayor’s office and learn more on how to access international and regional government accelerator programmes 



Sustainable Events Professionals

We are committed to delivering a sustainable event and have signed up to, who are exhibiting to advise other events industry companies.

• Events have high scope 3 emissions (attendee travel, powering venues, shipping supplies, materials, catering). Sustainability is changing this sector quickly. Discover innovative solutions and changing business models that support the shift in the industry

• Get the right guidance on how to reduce your footprint, determine sustainability objectives and build your own sustainable event report



Any Climate Champions

• Regardless of industry or seniority, those championing any aspect of sustainability for their company are the real change-makers

• Learn how to create and expand green teams to mobilise more of the workplace towards sustainability goals

• Get expert insights on transitioning all elements of the business and value chain from energy, suppliers, infrastructure, manufacturing and transportation to events, food and travel

• Find sustainability solutions and providers to help achieve net-zero targets

• Meet investors to help fund climate initiatives and encourage adoption from stakeholders



Government and Policy-makers

• Find the right solutions to meet the Government's minimum mandatory Government Buying Standards (GBS) for goods and services

• Stay updated on the best practices in the field of sustainability reporting to embed into policy development

• Actively contribute to the Mayor's office mission of aligning London with the Paris Climate Accord's emission reduction goals and lead the country in building the sustainable city of the future

• Meet with established solution providers and the future innovators from the sectors start-ups and SME's






Exhibitors & Sponsors



We also run regular webinars, workshops and sustainability content online. Please get in touch for any partnership, interview or general enquiries.

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